IP Summit 2017
1450 € until Nov. 30, 2017

Welcome to the IP Summit on December 7-8, 2017 in Brussels.
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Thursday 7 & Friday 8 December 2017

What is the IP Summit?

The IP Summit

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Thursday December 7, 2017

8.30 am > 5.30 pm

Friday December 8, 2017

9.00 am > 4.30 pm


The Hotel

Boulevard de Waterloo, 38 
1000 Brussels


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1450 € until Nov. 30, 2017

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2017 Featured Speakers

Our partners

  • Feedback

    It was a pleasure and an honor having a chance to deal with the topic together with the other panelists and chair. Looking forward to next year edition.

    Mr. Francesco Macchetta

    Director Intellectual Property
    BRACCO Imaging
  • Feedback

    Un tout grand merci pour l’organisation de l’IP Summit, tout était parfait !

    Mrs. Céline Eyers

    General Counsel
    I.C.E. SA
  • Feedback

    Thanks for the hospitality in Brussels and for asking me to participate in such a great event.

    Mr. Rik Willard

    Founder & Managing Director
    Agentic Group
  • Feedback

    I really enjoyed the event as well Brussels, [...] I would like to express gratitude to you and Premier Cercle team for excellent organization of the conference.

    Mr. Ilya Goryachev

    Senior Lawyer
  • Feedback

    I also wanted to thank you again for inviting me to speak during this event. It was a captivating and the organization was fantastic.

    Mr. Basile Lamure

    Senior Counsel | Corporate, External & Legal Affairs
  • Feedback

    Thank you again for organizing this event and for putting the nice and interesting program together. I will be happy to participate again in the future.

    Dr. Jochen Bühling


Other IP Events

IP Summit Pre-Conference Workshop: Advanced U.S. Patent Seminar – 2017

The U.S. patent landscape continues to evolve with changes that impact both prosecution and enforcement strategies. Over the last few years, the U.S. Supreme Court has issued a number of significant decisions that have upended Federal Circuit precedent and long-standing principles of patent law including. The USPTO has also been active, retooling its procedures and issuing numerous guidelines in response to demands for better efficiency and clearer examination standards. 

Prior to the IP Summit, Finnegan will be hosting an Advanced U.S. Patent Seminar. This seminar will address the key developments that are important to patent stakeholders in and outside of the United States, including conditioned sales and exhaustion issues in view of Quanta and Lexmark. It will also provide practical advice to address the needs of in-house counsel and experienced patent practitioners, as well as those familiar U.S. patent law fundamentals.

The following topics will be addressed by this seminar:

  • Drafting and Prosecution Strategies for U.S. Applications
    • Patent-eligibility in view of Alice/Myriad/Mayo
    • Functional claiming issues and “means” language
    • Effective use of the “problem-solution approach”
  • Avoiding Infringement: Freedom to Operate and Warning Letters
    • How to address warning letters?
    • Written opinions in view of Halo and Stryker
    • Challenging patents: Are you better off at the PTAB?
  • Implications for Supplying Components to and from the United States
    • Is the sale or supply of a single component enough to trigger liability?
    • Conditioned sales and exhaustion issues in view of Quanta and Lexmark
  • Asserting Your U.S. Patents Against Competitors



     Bryan Diner           C. Gregory Gramenopoulos            Timothy May                     Anthony Tridico

12:00 - 13:00 Registration and Lunch
13:00 - 18:00 Program
18:00 - 19:00 Reception 

Date and Locations:
Wednesday, 6 December 2017The Hotel
Boulevard de Waterloo, 38 
1000 Brussels

RSVP: Please register here.

Study 'The Future of Intellectual Property'

The End of Plagiarism: Changing customer needs

We invite you to a futurist session to discuss how the upcoming products will be produced and personalised.
How the new technologies such as the IoT can influence the conception of your products and services as well as the clients relationship.

Dr. Sevim Süzeroglu Melchoirs, Dennemeyer Consulting GmbH will give a presentation on Dec. 8 from 9 to 11:30 am.

To register to attend this presentation: http://www.premiercercle.com/index.php?item=event-details&action=registration&ide=241

Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court 2018

What is the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court conference?

This event takes part in the ongoing process for the implementation of the European patent system through the new Unitary Patent right and the establishment of the Unified Patent court.
This conference provides the audience with a taste of the latest news from the Committees dealing with the preparation of the UP and the UPC.

In the frame of its 6th edition, Premier Cercle gathers the most important stakeholders who work for the implementation of the future Unitary Patent System and the establishment of the Unified Patent Court. The system's launch by the beginning of 2018 will be discussed by the European judges, the Committees and the Industry.

This event is organised in association with the European Patent Office on July 5, 2017 in Munich (Germany).

Additional information: www.unitarypatentsystem.eu





8.30 to 6.00 pm


European Patent Office


Key decision makers, industry representatives, institutional, academic and legal experts